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D&RG Caboose #0825 in fall 2011, left above, and as it stands today, right.  Built in 1889 by Peninsular Car Co., the #0825 spent its life on the Denver Rio Grand system, retiring in 1945.

The #0825 was returned to the line next to the Depot in September of 2022. 

Rolling Stock 

The caboose below is known as a side door caboose.  AAW is working toward its restoration.  Combined with the #0825, this caboose was home to long time D&RG conductor Charlie Templeton  and family.

Side door caboose rough.jpg

Left:  Car 010343 is called an outfit car, not a box car. It is the oldest known surviving standard gauge wooden outfit car from the D&RG system. D&RG contracted with Illinois Car and Equipment Co. to build a run of 350 cars. This one was complete and ready for service in September 1898. ln May 1920 D&RG converted it to an outfit bunk car, using it exclusively on Maintenance of Way trains until 1942 when it derailed and was declared to be salvage.  

Below: The first engine to Westcliffe, #527 Standard Gauge.

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