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 The Depot

​The railroad played a significant role in the development of local agriculture, commerce, and tourism in the early 1900’s. The Depot was at the heart of the transportation of goods and of tourism to the Wet Mountain Valley.  After the railroad discontinued service, the building served as businesses and a residence until it was obtained through a collaborative effort of the Colorado  State Historical Foundation, All Aboard Westcliffe, the Town of Westcliffe and concerned individuals in 2013. A full restoration of its 1920's decor was completed by 2018.  It resides in its original location since it was constructed in 1901.

                    Visit the Depot's three main areas: 
                                Waiting Room 
                            The Freight Room
                               Shipping Room 



Installed in the Agent-Operator area of the restored 1901 D&RG Depot is a replica of a train order table. Included is a working Morse telegraph system, and using 21st century technology, the equipment is capable of communicating with other Morse Telegraph Club users across the US, Canada and worldwide. The telegraph system of the railroading era was used to communicate with the train dispatcher and other railroad stations. Accurate time signals were also received for the purpose of setting station clocks. Westcliffe (WC) was served by a railroad and Western Union wires.

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